Dave Rogers






Benefits :

  • my creative approach to training motivates, engages and inspires trainees

  • as an experienced trainer, coach and therapist I ensure that people invest in their own learning

  • when individuals contribute to their own personal development and training, they value it and show greater commitment

  • my effective training ensures that participants have 'learned' the knowledge, approaches and skills needed

  • I ensure people are well equipped as trainers to meet their own or their organisation's goals

  • training brings growth to individuals and organisations

My Training experience :

I have spent many years training trainers and teachers to develop their skills, using my own creative approach

I also provide training in various aspects of Art Therapy and in introductory course in Art Psychotherapy.

I provide coaching and mentoring training for managers, teachers, lecturers and a variety of community groups and organisations

As a professional trainer, I have adapted my training to suit individuals and organisations, specifically tailoring the training to meet the development needs required

I greatly value the training and development of others.  I work with expertise, energy and enthusiasm to ensure that all training is a positive experience and successful.