Dave Rogers




Benefits :

  • a catalyst to reflect upon your professional practice

  • a source of professional support and guidance

  • a critical friend with whom weaknesses can be explored safely

  • achievements can be shared and built upon

  • work can become a place where you can use your skills with confidence

  • specific advice and examples of good practice can be used for staff development

Mentoring is proactive and uses coaching techniques to develop less experienced employees, or those moving into new roles.

The definition of mentoring can be traced back to the myth of the Odyssey.  The son of Odysseus, Thalemicus, being guided by the wiser and more experienced Mentis (Mentor)


My Coaching and Mentoring experience :

My coaching work supports you through a process of change, which can open up new ideas,  attitudes and skills for you to find your own definition of success.

I have been engaged by employers to mentor staff.

I have delivered training in the development of coaching and mentoring skills to managers, teachers and trainers for over six years.  This training has been verified by the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).

My experience of training managers, teachers and trainers in coaching skills has enabled me to successfully coach in these areas.

I have coached and mentored individuals and teams to develop significant goals and enabled these goals to be met in both a creative and practical way.

My key areas for coaching and mentoring are :

  • individual work-based coaching

  • team development

  • personal development

  • mentoring new skills

  • changing jobs

  • developing motivation in your work

  • developing enthusiasm, satisfaction and success in personal ambitions