Paintings by Dave Rogers

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Dave has been an art psychotherapist for over 20 years and has consistently developed his own art practice.

His experience of engaging in the process of individual creative work gives him an important insight into the internal dialogue which is always present with image making. This dynamic helps Dave to have a deeper understanding of the role of individual creativity experienced by his clients in art psychotherapy. 

The following images are a small selection of Dave's personal
work made since 2009.


No 22



Acrylic on paper mounted on board 50w  40 h white framed


No 21


Acrylic on canvas 40w  50 h


No 20

Oil on canvas 74cm X 60cm  



No 19

Oil on canvas unframed 60cm X 42cm  




No 18

Oil on canvas 45 x 60cm (framed)


No 17

Oil on canvas 50 x 40cm


No 16a

Close up of image in frame


No 16b

73 cm x 52 cm  framed



No 15

Acrylic on canvas: 40cm x 50cm



No 14

Acrylic on canvas: 25cm x 35cm


No 13

'Labyrinth' :  42cm x 35cm.  Wood with groove for pathway




No 12

Oil on canvas : 45cm x 35cm


No 11

Acrylic on card : 30cm x 30cm



No 10

Oilstick on paper :  60cm x 25cm

No 9

Oilstick on board : 60cm x 25cm

No 8

Acrylic on board : 54cm x 60cm



No 7

Acrylic on board : 61cm x 61cm



No 6

Watercolour on paper: 55cm x 50c


No 5

Oil on board : 40cm x 50cm



No 4

Charcoal and crayon on paper  50m x 40cm


No 3

Acrylic and oil on canvas  30cm x 25cm



No 2

Oilstick on paper  50cm x 50cm. Under glass



No 1

Oilstick on paper  w 53cm x h 42 cm. Under glass