Dave Rogers :
Forthcoming Events on ...
  • Private Practice, and
  • Art and Wellbeing


Private Practice
  Dave and Janet De Heger are facilitating a forthcoming day workshop for experienced Art Psychotherapists on...
  'Setting up in  Private Practice' on...
    Saturday October 27th 2018

10am till 5pm (registration 9.30am)


Claremont Project, 24 27 White Lion Street,
London N1 9PD


  This training day is for both experienced and newly qualified art psychotherapists who are thinking about becoming self-employed practitioners either as a sessional worker, private practitioner or some other form of independent practitioner.

  Art and Wellbeing evenings


In Caterham Dave co-ordinates evening workshops using art materials to explore Wellbeing and Creativity. 

Please contact Dave directly for more details on ...

    Tel : 01883 345865